Relationships and Family Counselling

Our therapists provide a safe environment couples and families that are struggling.


Farmer & Associates Sudbury Therapists assist individuals in learning how to communicate in a healthy respectful way. We also utilize a needs based approach to relationship counselling which saves a lot of time and money in therapy. Our needs based approach is very simple and clear giving each member a fair and equal chance to be heard. We provide strategies on how to survive infidelity and broken trust. We will work together with you on saving a failing relationship however we will also work with you on ending a unhealthy relationship if this is needed.


We will help couples recognize for themselves if their relationship can grow into something healthy strong or if its time to respectfully part ways.

Signs you may need help

  • Your relationship no longer makes you happy
  • There is yelling, name calling and verbal abuse
  • There is physical abuse such as hitting, threats, throwing things, breaking items in the home
  • You feel like you are just roommates
  • There is lying cheating and broken trusts
  • Issues with sex and sexuality in the relationship
  • Financial issues that are breaking the relationship down
  • You no longer feel in love
  • Cant seem to communicate with each other
  • Needs are not being met
  • There is addiction and mental health issues in the relationship
  • Grief and loss is ruining your relationship
  • Covid 19 is putting a huge stress on the family and relationship


A one hour session is $150. Half hour sessions are available for $75.  

Our services are covered under all plans that provide coverage for a social worker, counsellor or psychotherapist.

Yes we do accept non-insured Health Benefits and you can qualify for up to 20 hours per year.

We accept credit card, debit visa and etransfer payments.

For now you will need to call the number listed on the website and you may have to leave a voice mail. Calls are usually returned with in the day. Soon we will have an on line self booking option.

Most of our appointments are done virtually, however we can provide in person as well.