Trauma and Grief Counselling


When you’ve experienced trauma, it can be excruciating. You may feel at a loss as to how to process what you’ve been through or how you can even start to heal. You just want to experience a sense of safety again. But the impact of trauma can cut deep. Even if you feel lost, there’s hope and a variety of trauma treatment programs and support groups available that can help you.

There are many reasons that trauma hurts us and causes post-traumatic stress. One thing you may not know is that trauma physically changes our brains. When you experience a traumatic event, your mind changes. Areas of your brain that once worked in a particular way change based on hyperarousal due to trauma.


Experiencing a loss can be the worst kind of pain and a human can experience. Loss of a loved through death can be very overwhelming and hard to cope with. Loss of a relationship, close friend or a separation can also feel like a world ending event. Picking up all the pieces, finding hope and strength again can be hard.

Farmer & Associates Sudbury Therapists is here to help.
Our team is here to assist you heal and move forward. We will support you through the process of picking up all the pieces of your life again help you from trauma and move through grief and loss.

We utilize a very gentle approach providing trauma informed care, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. We incorporate Indigenous and Buddhist healing modalities.


A one hour session is $150. Half hour sessions are available for $75.  

Our services are covered under all plans that provide coverage for a social worker, counsellor or psychotherapist.

Yes we do accept non-insured Health Benefits and you can qualify for up to 20 hours per year.

We accept credit card, debit visa and etransfer payments.

For now you will need to call the number listed on the website and you may have to leave a voice mail. Calls are usually returned with in the day. Soon we will have an on line self booking option.

Most of our appointments are done virtually, however we can provide in person as well.